Webinar: Enabling the Mobile, Work-From-Anywhere Workforce  

Tuesday, March 30, 2021
4pm BST/ 11am EDT / 8:00am PDT

A mobile workforce has become the standard for contact centers. While this industry and many others weigh bringing all or some employees back to the office, we will continue to see the evolution of workforce technology tools that make it easier to be mobile and help ensure workers are as efficient and effective away from the office as they are in the office.

Register now to join us for the webinar, Enabling the Mobile, Work-From-Anywhere Workforce. We’ll discuss how organizations can allow contact center employees to be immediately mobile so the workforce is ready for whatever new conditions uncertain times may bring. Learn how the Aspect® Workforce Optimization™ solution arms the mobile workforce with elegant, simplified smartphone access to common WFM scheduling functions, deeper cloud integrations supporting browser-based “workforce anywhere” access and enhanced performance feedback to employees so they can quickly self-correct while staying engaged and on track.


  Michael Kropidlowski
Senior Director, Product Marketing
As a Senior Director of Product Marketing at Aspect, Michael contributes directly to company strategy with a view to market trends and product strategy, focusing on enhanced customer and agent experiences enabled through omnichannel contact strategies and workforce optimization. Michael leads the product marketing and product demonstration teams to effectively promote the value of Aspect’s Enterprise Contact Center software can bring to existing customer and New Logo client organizations. Also, he is responsible for Competitive Intelligence, Sales Product Enablement and Analyst Relations to drive growth and recognition of Aspect solutions in the market. Additionally, Michael and his team manage and coordinate activities for the Aspect Customer Reference Program and Aspect Customer Advisory Board.

Michael has more than 30 years of experience in the customer service and contact center industries. Joining Aspect in April 1999, Michael brought more than 10 years of customer service, technical and sales training experience to the company, where he was initially the lead sales and technical channel partner trainer for the company’s Contact Center platforms.


Eric Hagaman
Senior Product Manager
As an Aspect product manager, Eric is tasked with looking to identify new trends and approaches in workforce optimization that provide value to customers worldwide and that are instrumental for those looking to master next generation customer contact. Prior to his role in product management, Eric was a senior technical advisor who helped organizations across industries help make the most of their workforce management solutions.


Joseph Homminga
Product Demo Manager
As a Product Demo Manager of Product Marketing at Aspect, Joey contributes directly to Pre-Sales and Sales, by facilitating the demonstration process. Joey oversees the demonstration environment, maintaining and operating existing/new developments by Aspect. Providing focus on ways to market and enhancing those developments through demonstration; often assisting in the tailoring of customer presentations.

Joey has more than 10 years of selling and customer service experience through a myriad of tech and insurance industries. Joining Aspect in January of 2020, Joey has brought some of those best practices and tenacity to the demonstration environment, ensuring the Sales team is best prepared for the challenges that await them in the marketplace.