Adhering to the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) debt collection practices guidelines will require outbound solutions designed around flexible configuration capabilities that reduce costs while balancing productivity with compliance. 

In this webinar, Stephen Loynd, TrendzOwl founder and principal, will frame the market issues and methods for achieving “compliant by design” outbound in light of the new CFPB debt collections practices guidelines.

New Rule Ready: Outbound Technology Solutions in an
Era of Techno Consumerism

Wednesday, April 7th
1:00 PM EDT / 10:00 AM PDT

Join this live discussion of the new CFPB regulation business challenges and exploration of possible paths forward.  Topics to be covered include:

If you haven’t yet read Stephen’s new report on this topic, download it here.  

About Steven Loynd

Stephen Loynd

Stephen Loynd
Founder & Principal Analyst, TrendzOwl

Stephen Loynd has spent his career observing the information and communications revolution spreading across the planet. Before launching TrendzOwl in September, 2019, he spent over seven years on the Digital Transformation team at Frost & Sullivan, where he was an analyst and featured speaker. He also spent close to seven years as an analyst at IDC, providing expertise on BPO industry trends and opportunities worldwide.