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Outbound Strategies and Best Practices
Wednesday, November 13th - 2:00 PM ET
Presented by: Don Hudecek, Senior Product Manager, Aspect

Regulations governing your customer outreach strategies can make it hard to maintain compliance while still aiming for the highest productivity and profitability. The last thing any organization wants to face is a fine or a lawsuit! Aspect solutions can help your organization deploy smart, compliant campaign strategies. Take full advantage of engagement opportunities to save time and resources while adhering to regulatory requirements.

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Don Hudecek
Senior Product Manager, Aspect
Don Hudecek is a Senior Product Manager at Aspect whose primary responsibility is outbound solutions and compliance. He joined Aspect in 2001 and created the original version of Aspect’s enterprise campaign management product, Advanced List Management. His guiding principle for Aspect’s outbound solutions is, “Make it easy for you to engage your customers in a positive and profitable manner while not getting sued”.