How to improve the patient journey through Aspect® Patient Engagement

September 27, 2017 | 1:00-2:00PM CST | REGISTER NOW


Join Aspect for a live webinar presentation and demo using real-life scenarios around how to evolve the patient journey by better engaging your patients through an omnichannel environment.

Our experts will show you how to proactively connect patients to answers and anticipate their needs:

  • Reduce no shows and improve adherence with appointment reminders and notifications through mobile and SMS
  • Deliver consistent care and support via voice, email, web chat, SMS and mobile
  • Allow patients and families to better engage with providers and make good use of omnichannel self-service technology through consumer channels such as SMS
  • EHR/CRM integration provides a digital trail for staff, ensuring continuity of interactions, so patients don't have to repeat information already provided
  • Reduce readmissions, improve recovery rates and enhance home care by keeping the conversation with patients going via automated voice, email or SMS notifications -- with the ability to transition to a live two-way conversation when needed

Meet the Presenters

Chris Hammond,
Healthcare Expert

Jason Griffith
Practice Manager, CRM

James Murphy
Principal Consultant, CRM

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